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CSES Module 1 and Module 2 Macro Booklet

The following files have been generously prepared and contributed to the public domain by individual CSES researchers. Because the files were not produced by the CSES Secetariat, the CSES Secetariat is unable to answer questions about them – please instead contact the persons that prepared the files.

If you have a file specifically related to CSES that you would like to make available, please send an inquiry to the CSES Secretariat at [email protected].

Contributed by: Ana Espírito-Santo (researcher), Diogo Moreira (researcher), André Freire (coordinator), Marina Costa Lobo (coordinator), and Pedro Magalhães (coordinator)

Contact Person: André Freire [email protected]

Version: July 2, 2005

Download the file here:
CSES Module 1 and Module 2 Macro Booklet

The CSES Portuguese team spent a significant amount of time organizing a booklet that expands on the macro information available for CSES Module 1 and CSES Module 2. The team contacted CSES collaborators in order to fill in missing data and obtain clarification on a variety of items. The available information was systematized in several tables. The resulting booklet divides the information into three parts (regime types, electoral systems, and political parties) and includes an index.

Due to limited resources, work on the booklet ceased in July 2005. The contributors encourage anyone who is interested in doing so to complete the file, so long as the Portuguese team is credited for their efforts in any resulting product.