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Conference and Planning Committee Meeting, November 2006

November 2-4, 2006
Bangalore, India

We are extremely grateful to the following organizations (listed in alphabetical order) for their financial and organizational support of the events:

November 2-3, 2006
Ramanashree Brunton, Bangalore, India

November 2, 2006 (Thursday)

10.00 to 10.30: Inauguration
Mr. D. H. Shankara Murthy, Minister for Higher Education, Government of Karnataka, India

10.30 to 11.45: Session I – Election Studies in India
Chair: L.C. Jain
Discussant: E. Raghavan

National Election Studies in India: Legacy and Challenges. Yogendra Yadav

12.15 to 13.00: Session II – Reflecting on Electoral Choices
Chair: G. K. Karanth
Discussant: K. C. Suri

What Shapes Electoral Choice Options? Institutional Determinants of the Distinctiveness of Choice Options. [PDF] Bernhard Wessels and Hermann Schmitt

14.00 to 15.30: Session III – India NES 2004
Chair: P. S. Jayaramu
Discussants: A. Jayaram and P. L. Dharma

15.45 to 17.15: Session IV – East Asian Democracies
Chair: P. V. Shenoi
Discussant: Yogendra Yadav

November 3, 2006 (Friday)

09.00 to 9.45: Session V – Europe, Elections & Political Parties
Chair: D. Jeevan Kumar
Discussant: Harish Ramaswamy

Euroskepticism and Emergence of New Parties: The Case of Poland. Radoslaw Markowski

09.45 to 11.15: Session V – India NES 2004
Chair: M. J. Vinod
Discussant: Ujjwal Singh

11.45 to 13.15: Session VI – Social Networks, Electoral Outcomes and Voting
Chair: Bernt Aardal
Discussant: R. L. M. Patil

13.15 to 13.45: Closing Comments and Conclusion of Conference

Conference Participant List

In alphabetical order by surname.

  1. Dr. Bernt Aardal
    University of Oslo, Oslo
  2. Dr. Thawilwadee Bureekul
    The King Prajadhipok’s Institute, Bangkok
  3. Dr. B. M. Chengappa
    Deccan Herald, Bangalore
  4. Dr. Meena Deshpande
    Bangalore University, Bangalore
  5. Dr. Veena Devi
    Bangalore University, Bangalore
  6. Dr. P. L. Dharma
    Mangalore University, Mangalore
  7. Mr. David A. Howell
    University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  8. Dr. Ken’ichi Ikeda
    The University of Tokyo, Tokyo
  9. Dr. L. C. Jain
    Chairman, Governing Council iACT
  10. Mr. A. Jayaram
    The Hindu, Bangalore
  11. Dr. P. S. Jayaramu
    Bangalore University, Bangalore
  12. Dr. Rajendra Kumar Joshi
    International Academy for Creative Teaching, Bangalore
  13. Dr. G. K. Karanth
    Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore
  14. Dr. Gopa Kumar
    University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram
  15. Dr. D. Jeevan Kumar
    Bangalore University, Bangalore
  16. Mr. Surendra Kumar
    Bangalore University, Bangalore
  17. Dr. Radoslaw Markowski
    Warsaw School of Social Psychology, Warsaw
  18. Mr. Manohar Maski
    Member, Karnataka Legislative Council
  19. Dr. Ian McAllister
    The Australian National University, Canberra
  20. Dr. Narasimha Murthy
    Bangalore University, Bangalore
  21. Ms. C. B. Muthamma
    former Diplomat, Bangalore
  22. Dr. B. S. Padmavathi
    International Academy for Creative Teaching, Bangalore
  23. Dr. Suhas Palshikar
    University of Pune, Pune
  24. Dr. R. L. M. Patil
    Bangalore University, Bangalore
  25. Mr. E. Raghavan
    Economic Times, Bangalore
  26. Dr. P. Ramanna
    Bangalore University, Bangalore
  27. Dr. Harish Ramaswamy
    Karnatak University, Dharwad
  28. Dr. S. N. Sangita
    Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore
  29. Dr. Hermann Schmitt
    Mannheimer Zentrum für Europäische Sozialforschung (MZES), Mannheim
  30. Dr. Sandeep Shastri
    International Academy for Creative Teaching, Bangalore
  31. Dr. P. V. Shenoi
    retired Civil Servant, Bangalore
  32. Mr. Peter Sinai
    retired Diplomat, Bangalore
  33. Dr. Ujjwal Singh
    University of Delhi, Delhi
  34. Dr. N. Sivanna
    Institute for Social and Economic Change, Bangalore
  35. Dr. P. E. Somaiah
    Department of Political Science, St Joseph’s College, Bangalore
  36. Mr. Sreekanthamurthy
    President, Bangalore City Janata Dal (S)
  37. Dr. K. C. Suri
    Nagarjuna University, Guntur
  38. Dr. Gabor Toka
    Central European University, Budapest
  39. Dr. M. J. Vinod
    Bangalore University, Bangalore
  40. Dr. Bernhard Wessels
    Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (WZB), Berlin
  41. Dr. Yogendra Yadav
    Centre for the Study of Developing Societies, Delhi

CSES Module 3 Planning Committee Meeting
November 3-4, 2006
Ramanashree Brunton, Bangalore, India


  1. Module 2
    • Module 2 Participation and Coverage
    • Module 2 Final Release Update
  2. Module 3
    • Module 3 Participation and Coverage
    • Module 3 Regional Collaborator Recruitment Efforts
    • Experiences Administering Module 3
    • Other Module 3 Priorities
  3. Technical issues and Module 2 Data Issues/Policies
    • Sampling Issues
    • Incomplete Questionnaires
    • Design Variables
    • Survey Weights
    • One Election, Two Macro Reports
  4. Funding
    • Awarded Funding and Staffing Update
    • Recent and Current Funding Initiatives
    • Future Funding Initiatives
  5. Promotion
    • “Is Democracy Working?” – a proposed special issue of Electoral Studies
    • Party Politics special issue
    • Books nearing press and the possibility of a CSES book series
    • Possible special issue of International Journal of Public Opinion Research
    • Public Opinion Pros article series
    • Upcoming conferences, workshops and panels
  6. Upcoming Planning Committee meetings

Hotel and Conference Facility

Conference Opening: Jain, Murthy, and Shastri

Conference Audience

Conference Presentation: Yadav

High Court of Karnataka, Bangalore

Bangalore State Parliament