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Comparative Citizen Politics Workshop, December 2008

December 9-11, 2008
Manchester, United Kingdom

We would like to thank the School of Social Sciences and Democracy, Citizens and Elections Research Network (DCERN) at the University of Manchester for their support of the events.

Comparative Citizen Political Workshop
December 9, 2008
Ken Kitchen Committee Room, John Owens Building
University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom

Conference Program [PDF]


Introduction and Welcome, David Farrell (University of Manchester)

The Comparative Study of Electoral Systems: An Overview
Ian McAllister (Australian National University)

Session 1: Designing and Applying Comparative Datasets to Understand Citizen Political Behaviour

  1. Making Electoral Democracy Work: Voters, Parties, and the Rules of the Game
    André Blais (University of Montreal) and Elisabeth Gidengil (McGill University)
  2. Measuring the professionalization of political campaigning: Designing and implementing a new cross-national index
    Rachel Gibson (University of Manchester)
  3. Micro-foundations of second-order elections theory: Theoretical reconstructions and an empirical test based on the 2004 European Elections Study Data
    Hermann Schmitt, Daniela Braun (Mannheim Centre for European Social Research, MZES) and Alberto Sanz (Universita Autonoma de Madrid, Spain)
  4. Modeling the effect of maximizing turnout on an election outcome or an election is about more than voting
    Richard Rose (University of Aberdeen) and Ulrich Kohler (WZB, Germany)

Session 2: Party Systems and Citizen Politics

  1. The Problem of Party Convergence
    Jane Green (University of Manchester)
  2. On the Margins or in the Mainstream? Testing Models of Extreme Right Party Support in Britain
    Matt Goodwin and Rob Ford (University of Manchester)

On the Margins or in the Mainstream? Testing Models of Extreme Right Party Support in Britain

CSES Module 3 Planning Committee Meeting
December 10-11, 2008
University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom


  1. Module 3 Update
    • Recruitment
    • Data Processing and Dissemination Plan
  2. Module 4 Transition
    • Review of Process and Calendar
    • Nominating Committee Outcome
    • Task Force Update
    • Plenary Sessions
    • First Module 4 Planning Committee Meeting
  3. Funding and Collaborations
    • American National Science Foundation
    • GESIS – Liebnitz Institute for the Social Sciences
    • Regional Platforms Idea
  4. Promotion and Publications
    • Coordinating on Panels and Papers
    • Report on the CSES Workshop at APSA 2008
    • Book Series Update
    • Website Ideas
    • New Brochure

Ian McAllister presents the history of the CSES dataset

Richard Rose presents his paper, with chair Rachel Gibson listening

Ian McAllister speech at dinner honouring Richard Rose

Michael Marsh speaks warmly of Richard Rose’s contributions

Richard Rose responds to the tributes

Hermann Schmitt congratulates Richard Rose