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May 31, 2016

Dear CSES User Community,

We have a number of announcements of interest:

1. A research team from the WZB in Germany has created a “CSES Module 1-3 Harmonized Trend File” which combines the data sets from CSES Modules 1, 2, and 3. The harmonized data set and related documentation is available for download from the CSES website ( under the “Data Center” link. Our thanks and gratitude to Heiko Giebler, Josephine Lichteblau, Antonia May, Reinhold Melcher, Aiko Wagner and Bernhard Weßels for their efforts in creating the Harmonized Trend File, and for being willing to share it with the user community and public.

2. In April, the CSES project signed a renewed five year memorandum of understanding with the GESIS – Liebniz Institute for the Social Sciences and the Center for Political Studies at the University of Michigan to continue their successful collaboration on the work, support, and staffing of the central operations of the CSES Secretariat.

3. In late August a Plenary Session of CSES collaborators will convene to review and finalize the questionnaire for CSES Module 5. The tentative title of CSES Module 5 is “Democracy Divided? People, Politicians and the Politics of Populism.” Pretests of the draft questionnaire are underway in a number of countries and associated documents such as the Design Report and Macro Report are being finalized. If all continues to go according to schedule, the CSES Module 5 questionnaire will be officially put into production for data collection as early as September of 2016.

4. There will be multiple CSES events held at the 2016 meeting of the American Political Science Association (APSA) meetings in Philadelphia, United States this year. They include two CSES themed panels on Friday September 2nd and Sunday September 4th, and a reception for the winners of the 2016 GESIS Klingemann Prize for the Best CSES Scholarship on the night of Friday September 2nd. If you will be making conference presentations using CSES data at APSA, ECPR, EPSA, or elsewhere, or if you know of someone who is, please send us the details of the presentations by email ([email protected]) so that we can help to promote your work.

5. We have updated the CSES Bibliography listing on the CSES website under the “Bibliography” link. In 2015, CSES was used in at least 35 peer-reviewed journal articles, which is more than in any prior year. Thank you for your use of CSES data, and for letting us know of your publications as they become available so we can add them to the Bibliography.

6. If you have not visited the CSES website lately, you may be interested to know that there have been a number of useful items added to it. The main page now included links to an “Election Study Table” which lists all countries which have ever run CSES, by year and by Module. A newly updated “Variable Table” is a list of all variables which have ever been included in CSES. It is possible to use the Variable Table to understand, at a glance, which variables have appeared in multiple Modules. Last, a list of “Other Comparative Projects” has been assembled to help raise awareness of and interest in other high-quality comparative and cross-national research projects which make their data publicly available. Please send us an email ([email protected]) if you would like to suggest additional research projects to be added to the list.

Best regards,
David Howell
Director of Studies, CSES