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April 9, 2014

Dear CSES user community,

In October of this year, the CSES Module 4 Planning Committee will have completed its term. At that time, it will be replaced by a new Planning Committee which will serve for the following four years. The new Planning Committee will be tasked with developing a fifth module that will go into the field as early as mid-2016.

After a public call for suggestions, a committee composed of Christopher Anderson, Ulises Beltran, Michal Shamir and myself has nominated a new Module 5 Planning Committee.

We are extremely pleased that John Aldrich has agreed to be nominated as the Chair of the Module 5 Planning Committee. John is an outstanding scholar. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, past president of the Southern Political Science Association and the Midwest Political Science Association, and current president of the American Political Science Association. He has a long association with both the American National Election Studies and the CSES.

The CSES Module 5 Planning Committee as nominated is as follows.

– John Aldrich*, Duke University, USA (chair)
– Eva Anduiza, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain
– Ali Carkoglu, Sabanci University, Turkey
– Goran Cular*, University of Zagreb, Croatia
– Rachel Gibson*, University of Manchester, UK
– Elisabeth Gidengil*, McGill University, Canada
– Sara Hobolt*, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
– David Howell*, University of Michigan, USA (ex officio)
– Chi Huang*, National Chengchi University, Taiwan
– Aida Just, Bilkent University, Turkey
– Orit Kedar, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
– Georg Lutz, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
– Pedro Magalhaes*, University of Lisbon, Portugal
– Rachel Meneguello*, University of Campinas, Brazil
– Henrik Oscarsson, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
– Stephen Quinlan*, GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences, Germany (ex officio)
– Nicolas Sauger*, Sciences Po, France
– Rudiger Schmitt-Beck, University of Mannheim, Germany
– Alberto Simpser, ITAM, Mexico
– Wouter van der Brug, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
– Markus Wagner, University of Vienna, Austria
– Masahiro Yamada, Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan
– Elizabeth Zechmeister, Vanderbilt University, USA

* Continuing members

These nominations will be presented for ratification at a Plenary Session of collaborators from CSES election study teams, to be held in October 2014 in Berlin, Germany. Additional nominations may be raised at the Plenary Session by CSES collaborators that are in attendance.

I’d like to offer my sincere thanks to the Nominating Committee and outgoing Planning Committee members for their service, and for their support of the CSES project. It has been a real pleasure to serve my term as chair of the Planning Committee for this important project.

Best regards,
André Blais
Chair, CSES Module 4 Planning Committee
Université de Montréal