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CSES Announcement: The Third Advance Release of CSES Module 3 is now available for download

May 31, 2012

The Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES) project is very pleased to announce the Third Advance Release of CSES Module 3. The dataset and accompanying documentation may be downloaded for free from the Data Center on the CSES website at:

The Third Advance Release contains 57,789 respondents from 37 election studies. Among other updates and improvements, this release has newly added the following eight election studies: Brazil (2010), Denmark (2007), Estonia (2011), Greece (2009), Slovakia (2010), Slovenia (2008), Spain (2008), and Uruguay (2009).

By definition, an Advance Release is a preliminary version of a dataset, and thus lacks some of the checking, cleaning, processing, documentation, data, and variables that are usual to the Full Release of a dataset. Many election studies that will eventually be present in the CSES Module 3 Full Release are not available in this file. Advance Releases are provided as a service to the CSES user community, for those analysts who find it valuable to work with preliminary versions of the dataset. Some errors may still be present. We would appreciate being notified of any errors in the dataset or documentation by email to [email protected].

We hope that until such time as the Full Release of CSES Module 3 is available, users will find this Advance Release to be helpful in their work.

Thank you for your support of the CSES!