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CSES Announcement: CSES Module 4 questionnaire is now available

July 15, 2011

Dear CSES User Community,

On behalf of the CSES project, I’m pleased to announce the publication of the CSES Module 4 questionnaire, which is now available on the CSES website under “Collaborator Resources”. This questionnaire will be the one in use for the next five years of the CSES project.

As you will see, the main theme of the CSES Module 4 is on the topic of distributional politics and social protection. A secondary theme is mobilization. Improvements have also been proposed and implemented for some existing questions, including the political knowledge battery. The CSES Module 4 Planning Committee will publish a report to the website later this year describing the theory that serves as the foundation of the module, and the reasoning for the questions and changes that were decided upon.

While it seems not so long ago that the development of CSES Module 4 began, it was in fact over three years ago that the first email was sent to you, the CSES user community, requesting proposals for the new module. Since then, many, many persons have contributed to the process by proposing themes and content, providing feedback on the proposals, developing and improving the questionnaire, and conducting pretests of the questions under consideration. We think that this process has resulted in a very exciting questionnaire that will make important scientific contributions, and hope that you will agree. We would like to express our gratitude to all of you that have participated in the development of CSES Module 4, and we would like to also thank the hundreds of scholars and their funding organizations that have contributed to the success of the CSES project more generally.

With my best regards,
André Blais
Chair, CSES Module 4 Planning Committee