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Note to Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES) User Community
August 19, 2008

Dear Colleagues,

As you may know, the CSES Module 3 Planning Committee is completing its work, and it will be replaced by a new Planning Committee which will develop a fourth module. The new Module 4 Planning Committee will commence work in 2009 and continue for approximately five years. The fourth CSES module is scheduled to go into the field as early as 2011.

A Nominating Committee composed of Hans-Dieter Klingemann, Jacques Thomassen and myself has convened and nominated a new Module 4 Planning Committee. We are delighted that André Blais has agreed to be nominated as the Chair of the Module 4 Planning Committee. André will be known to all of you; he is a distinguished scholar of comparative electoral behaviour, and has had a long association with both the Canadian National Election Study and the CSES.

The CSES Module 4 Planning Committee as nominated is as follows.

– André Blais*, Université de Montréal, Canada (chair)
– David Howell*, University of Michigan, USA (ex-officio)
– Bernt Aardal*, University of Oslo, Norway
– Kees Aarts*, University of Twente, Netherlands
– John Aldrich*, Duke University, USA
– Ulises Beltrán*, Centro de Investigacion y Docencia Economica (CIDE), Mexico
– Goran Cular, University of Zagreb, Croatia
– Rachel Gibson, Manchester University, UK
– Elisabeth Gidengil, McGill University, Canada
– Sara Hobolt, Oxford University, UK
– Ken’ichi Ikeda*, University of Tokyo, Japan
– Pedro Magalhaes, Lisbon University, Portugal
– Radoslaw Markowski*, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
– David Sanders, Essex University, UK
– Nicolas Sauger, Sciences Po, France
– Michal Shamir*, Tel Aviv University, Israel
– Jack Vowles*, University of Exeter, UK
– Bernhard Weßels*, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (WZB), Germany

* Continuing members

These nominations will be presented to the user community for ratification at a Plenary Session of CSES Collaborators to be held in 2009, at a date and location to be decided. Additional nominations may be raised at the Plenary Session by CSES Collaborators that are in attendance.

I thank you for your continued support for the CSES.

Best regards,
Ian McAllister
Chair, CSES Module 3 Planning Committee