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Note to Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES) User Community
August 15, 2008

Dear CSES Collaborators and User Community,

As some of you will already know, we hope to hold a CSES Plenary Session during 2009. Its main purpose will be to confirm a new Module 4 Planning Committee. In addition, there will be preliminary discussions of options for the content of Module 4. And at a conference associated with the plenary, CSES collaborators and users will present papers that address both general and specific aspects of research using the CSES.

Holding a Plenary Session and conference is expensive, and on behalf of the Planning Committee I am intending to seek funding to hold one in Britain, probably at the University of Exeter, in June or July next year. Another possibility is a conference in the United States.

Funders of such conferences expect evidence of substantive content. For that reason, we need to solicit as many high-quality paper submissions as possible to include as part of our bid for funding support. The deadline to apply for funding support is October of this year. If we receive funding, the budget should include hotel accommodation costs, and perhaps something towards travel for those coming long distances or who have limited funds to call on.

We therefore invite submissions for papers. Please send a title and abstract to Professor Jack Vowles, University of Exeter, with a deadline of no later than September 12, 2008. Submissions can be emailed to myself at: [email protected]

A strong list of high-quality papers will be essential for us to mount a successful bid for funds to run the Plenary Session. A mixture of papers from late, mid, and early-career researchers would be ideal.

We look forward to receiving submissions.

With best wishes,
Jack Vowles
CSES Planning Committee Member
University of Exeter
[email protected]