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To: Members of the CSES Research Community
From: David Howell, on behalf of the CSES Secretariat
Re: CSES Announcement: A new CSES Module 2 dataset is now available
Date: December 16, 2004

Dear CSES User Community,

We are pleased to announce the availability of the second advance release (December 15, 2004 version) of the CSES Module 2 dataset. This version includes eight new election studies, which brings the total to sixteen. Macro variables are now included for all countries for which a Macro Report was available. Numerous other improvements have been made to the data and documentation, including some changes to datasets that already appeared in the first advance release.

We would like to thank all of our collaborators that have so generously contributed by including CSES Module 2 in their election studies! The election studies in this release are: Bulgaria 2001, Czech Republic 2002, France 2002, Germany 2002 (phone study), Germany 2002 (mail-back study), Hungary 2002, Ireland 2002, Israel 2003, Mexico 2003, New Zealand 2002, Norway 2001, Poland 2001, Portugal 2002, Sweden 2002, Switzerland 2003, and Taiwan 2001.

The new dataset is now available for download from the CSES website ( On the main page, select “Download Data” to the left, then register if you have not already. After that, click on “CSES Module 2” – either the U.S. site, or the European mirror site, depending on where you are geographically located. The next page that comes up contains a link to download the dataset to your local computer.

Early next year, we will be sending out an e-mail with an update on the progress of the CSES Module 3 questionnaire design, as well as other items of interest. Please feel free to contact us at e-mail address [email protected] with any questions you might have, and we are glad to help.

Best wishes,
David Howell
Director of Studies
Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES)