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CSES Module 1 Data Set Errata
Posted: May 1, 2003

Israel (1996) – Replacement for Appendix I: Parties and Leaders

In the codebook, under “APPENDIX I: PARTIES AND LEADERS”, the entry for Israel (1996) should be replaced with the following:

01. PARTY B Likud                LEADER B Benjamin Netanyahu
02. PARTY A Avoda                LEADER A Shimon Peres
03. PARTY D Mafdal               LEADER D Zvulun Hamer
04. PARTY C Shas                 LEADER C Arye Deri
05. PARTY E Meretz               LEADER E Yossi Sarid
06.         Gesher
07.         Tzomet
08.         Moledet
09.         Yahadut Hatora
10.         Haderech Hashlishit
11.         Israel Ba'aliya
12.         Hadash
13.         Balad
14.         Mada
15.         Islamic Movement
16.         Reshima Aravit Meuhedet
17.         Hadash + Balad Block
18.         Mada + Islamic Movement Block
19.         Likud + Gesher + Tzomet Block
20.         Left Block
21.         Right Block
22.         Religious Block
23.         Blank Vote
24.         Others

As an aside, the most significant changes are from switching the labels for codes 3 and 4, although there are no code 3s in any of the items for which the parties comprise the response.