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CSES Module 1 Data Set Errata
Posted: January 13, 2003

Russia (1999) – Candidate Mentioned (A3016)

Currently, the Russia (1999) data in A3016 simply report a “1” if a candidate was correctly recalled and no primary districts were identified. The updated version of this data, below, allows users to identify which candidates were recalled, as well as the primary electoral district in which the respondent resides.

To make this update, download and apply the two files that follow:

  • File a3016.doc, a Microsoft Word file, contains the updated value labels.
  • File a3016.txt, an ASCII text, comma-delimited data file with variable header, contains the corrected data.

The data in the file above should be placed in your main dataset for the records shown. To merge this dataset into your main dataset:

  • First, read ‘a3016.txt’ into your statistical package of choice.
  • Second, sort your files by variables A1003 and A1009 (both).
  • Last, merge the two files by variables A1003 and A1009 (both). Include a command so that for all records where variable A1003 equals ‘64301999’, variables A2027, A3016_1, A3016_2, and A3016_3 are taken from file ‘a3016.txt’ (and thus you overwrite these variables in the main dataset for those records only).