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IMPORTANT NOTE (June 27, 2006): The files mentioned below are no longer available for download. If you have questions about or require these files, please contact the CSES Secretariat.

To: Members of the CSES Research Community
From: David Howell, on behalf of the CSES Secretariat
Re: Errata for the Canadian Data in the CSES Module 1 Special Interim Release (CSMM0102)
Date: March 23, 2002

CSES Module 1 Special Interim Release (CSMM0102) Users –

A number of changes are required for the Canadian data present in the CSES Module 1 Special Interim Release (CSMM0102; released March 18, 2002). In that file, users should replace the existing Canadian records with the records found in the file provided below.

Download the corrected Canadian datafile, in ZIP format.

The extent of the revisions are as follows:

In certain variables, code ‘0’ is used both as a valid response category and also to report missing data; two distinct codes are required. This affects variables V30, V32, V34, V36, V38, v40, V41, V42, v43, V44, V45, v56, v58, v60, v62, and v64.

Also, v62 has been revised to report the evaluations of the appropriate party.

Finally, v2 (previously missing) was added to the data file.

If you have any questions concerning the special interim release or this piece of errata, please contact us via electronic mail to [email protected]; be sure to state that you are using dataset “CSMM0102”.

Sincerely yours,
The CSES Staff