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To: Members of the CSES Research Community
From: David Howell, on behalf of the CSES Secretariat
Re: Module 2 Advance Release (May 1, 2003 version) is Now Available
Date: May 1, 2003

The Comparative Study of Electoral Systems has just released the fourth version of the Micro-Macro file. This dataset is available for free downloading from the CSES web site ( ), by following the “Module 1” link. This merged Macro-Micro dataset includes: A) survey data and demographic variables for 27 countries; B) matched district level data, including electoral returns and turnout data; and C) matched macro-level data about the election, electoral rules and regime type of each country included in our sample.

This release of module 1 includes: Australia (1996), Canada (1997), Chile (1999), Czech Republic (1996), Denmark (1998), Germany (1998), Hungary (1998), Israel (1996), Japan (1996), South Korea (2000), Lithuania (1998), Mexico (1997, 2000), Netherlands (1998), New Zealand (1996), Norway (1997), Peru (2000), Poland (1997), Romania (1996), Slovenia (1996), Spain (1996), Sweden (1998), Switzerland (1999), Taiwan (1996), USA (1996), Ukraine(1998), Great Britain (1997), and Thailand (2001).

With this release, we approach the conclusion of the first module of the CSES project. The final release of module 1 in December 2001 will include thirty five elections and thirty one countries with the additional deposits of: Belgium(1999), Canada ( 2000), Hong Kong (1998), Iceland (1999), Peru (2001), Russia (1999), and Spain (2000).


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