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Comparative Study of Electoral Systems (CSES)
Planning Committee Meeting

Hyatt Place Seattle/Downtown
October 8-11, 2015
Seattle, United States

    The CSES project is grateful for the financial and organizational support
provided by Duke University's Department of Political Science and
the University of Michigan's Center for Political Studies.

Planning Committee meeting

Group Photo

Pike Place Market

Chihuly Museum Tour

Chihuly Museum

Chihuly Museum

Space Needle

Planning Committee Meeting

October 8-11, 2015

Welcome and introduction

General business

Module 4 update

Bibliography project

Module 5 schedule and pretests

Presentation by Module 5 Subcommittee, and discussion

Presentation by Core/Demographics Subcommittee, and discussion

Presentation by Political Information Subcommittee, and discussion

Presentation by Macro/District Data Subcommittee, and discussion

Presentation by New Technology and Data Collection Guidelines Subcommittee, and discussion

Finalizing of Module 5 pretest questionnaire

Module 5 calendar

Upcoming meetings


John Aldrich
Ali Carkoglu
Aida Just
Elisabeth Gidengil
Sara Hobolt
David Howell
Chi Huang
Orit Kedar
Georg Lutz
Pedro Magalhaes
Rachel Meneguello
Henrik Oscarsson
Stephen Quinlan
Carlos Shenga
Alberto Simpser
Wouter van der Brug
Markus Wagner
Masahiro Yamada
Elizabeth Zechmeister