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CSES Module 4 Third Advance Release: Data Set Errata
Posted: June 22, 2016

Updates made to the Advance Release of June 22, 2016, since the Advance Release of March 20, 2015

The third advance release of June 22, 2016 contains additions, updates, and improvements to the second advance release of March 20, 2016. Please do not use files from the previous release with files from the current release. Variable names and attributes, as well as the data, have sometimes been changed.

Twelve new election studies have been added to the file, bringing the number of election studies included so far in Module 4 to twenty-nine in total. The studies added as of the Third Advance Release are: Brazil (2014), Bulgaria (2014), Canada (2011), Czech Republic (2013), Israel (2013), Mexico (2015), Norway (2013), Portugal (2015), Slovenia (2011), South Korea (2012), Sweden (2014), and Turkey (2015).

Some of the changes and corrections to previously released Module 4 data are listed here, though this is not a comprehensive list:

  1. To facilitate merging CSES data with other (macro-) datasets, CSES decided to introduce two additional ID variables across all modules. The new variable 1006_UN (ID VARIABLE - POLITY UN CODE) contains the UN Country Codes. These are also contained in variable 1006 but here are followed by a fourth digit. The new variable 1006_NAM (ID VARIABLE - POLITY NAME) contains verbatim country names.

  2. Variable D3008_UH_DC has been differentiated into D3008_UH_DC_1 and D3008_UH_DC_2 to accomodate cases in which two votes can be cast for upper house district candidates (in this release notably Brazil (2014)).

  3. Because of data availability limitations, variable D5087 (INTERNATIONAL MIGRANT STOCK (% POPULATION)) was removed from this current module.

  4. On variable D2030 (ETHNICITY), Montenegro (2012) and New Zealand (2011) had idiosyncratic codes for the value 'Other, not further specified'. This has been corrected so that the generic code '996. OTHER: NOT SPECIFIED' is now also used for these countries.

  5. Variable D4002 (NUMBER OF CANDIDATES IN DISTRICT) has been coded '000. NOT APPLICABLE' for Austria (2013), Iceland (2013), Montenegro (2012), and Serbia (2012).

  6. Variable D4003 (NUMBER OF PARTY LISTS IN DISTRICT) has been coded '000. NOT APPLICABLE' for Austria (2013), Germany (2013), France (2012), Ireland (2011), Japan (2013), Mexico (2012), New Zealand (2011), Thailand (2011), Taiwan (2012), and the United States of America (2012).

  7. For Germany (2013), variable D5013_B and D5013_E (NUMBER OF PORTFOLIOS AFTER) has been recoded as codes for parties B and E (SPD and CSU) had been incorrectly allocated.

  8. For Greece (2012), variable D3018_3 (WHICH PARTY DO YOU FEEL CLOSEST TO), several party codes had to be recoded because of previously erroneous assignment.

  9. For Greece (2012), variable D3028_1 (FIND ANOTHER JOB - RESPONDENT), code 6 has been recoded to 4.

  10. For Iceland (2013), variable D5041_1 (PARTY LISTS - LOWER - 1ST SEGMENT (TIER)) has been recoded from '1. CLOSED' to '2. OPEN'.

  11. The vote choice data for Ireland (2011) has been coded in variable variable D3006_LH_DC (CURRENT LOWER HOUSE ELECTION: VOTE CHOICE - DISTRICT CANDIDATE). Before, it was erroneously coded in variable D3006_LH_PL (CURRENT LOWER HOUSE ELECTION: VOTE CHOICE - PARTY LIST).

  12. For Mexico (2012), the variable D2003 (EDUCATION OF RESPONDENT) has been recoded. In the prior release, incomplete educational categories had erroneously been coded as if they were completed educational attainments. This has been corrected.

  13. For Mexico (2012) variables D5044_1 to D5044_4 (concerning cumpolsory voting) have been recoded. They had all been erroneously coded '5. NO'. As voting is actually compulsory in Mexico, D5044_1 (COMPULSORY VOTING - LOWER - 1ST SEGMENT (TIER)) and D5044_3 (COMPULSORY VOTING - UPPER - 1ST SEGMENT (TIER)) have been recoded to '3. YES; WITHOUT SANCTION FOR VIOLATION'. As no seperate votes are cast for the second segments of both houses, the variables concerning the second segments, D5044_2 (COMPULSORY VOTING - LOWER - 2ND SEGMENT (TIER)) and D5044_4 (COMPULSORY VOTING - UPPER - 2ND SEGMENT (TIER)) have been coded '7. NOT APPLICABLE'.

  14. For New Zealand (2011), variable D1006 (ID COMPONENT - POLITY) has been recoded into 5540.

  15. For New Zealand (2011), variable D2026 (RELIGIOUS DENOMINATION), code 9600 has been recoded to 9002.

  16. For Switzerland (2011), variables D3025_1_A (DICHOTOMIZED POLITICAL INFORMATION ITEM - 1ST) - D3025_4_B (ORIGINAL POLITICAL INFORMATION ITEM - 4TH) have been amended such that codes '7. REFUSED' and '8. DON'T KNOW' now also contain cases. For the last release, these cases had erroneously been coded into '9. MISSING'.

  17. For the United States (2012), variable D2020 (HOUSEHOLD INCOME) has been added. Furthermore, the variable D2029 (RACE) has been slightly adjusted. An explanation has been inserted in the election study note for D2029.

  18. For the United States (2012), variable D3021_1 (MOBILIZATION: INSTITUTIONAL CONTACT - WHO - MULTIPLE MENTIONS - FIRST MENTION), code 5 has been recoded to 90.

  19. For the United States (2012), variable D5004_A and D5004_B PERCENT (SEATS - UPPER HOUSE) have been recoded so that percentage number of seats refer to the election in question and do not include holdover seats.