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CSES Module 4 Second Advance Release: Data Set Errata
Posted: March 20, 2015; Updated January 17, 2016

Updates made to the Advance Release of March 20, 2015, since the Advance Release of April 28, 2014

The second advance release of March 20, 2015 contains additions, updates, and improvements to the first advance release of April 28, 2014. Please do not use files from the previous release with files from the current release. Variable names and attributes, as well as the data, have sometimes been changed.

Some of the changes between the first and second advance Releases are listed here, though this is not a comprehensive list:

  1. Seven new election studies have been added to the file, bringing the number of election studies included so far in Module 4 to 17 in total. The studies added as of the Second Advance Release are: Australia (2013), Germany (2013), Greece (2012), Iceland (2013), Japan (2013), Poland (2011), and United States (2012).

  2. In the New Zealand (2011) election study, the coding of the party positions on the left-right scale for Parties E-H inclusive were incorrect due to a coding error. The scores for parties E, F, G, and H have been revised.