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CSES Module 4 First Advance Release: Data Set Errata
Posted: Apr 28, 2014

Excessive precision after the decimal, in variables with decimals

In the First Advance Release, for variables with decimal points in them, the exported variables have precision after the decimal point in excess of what is required or appropriate.

For example, the value "10.977" might be stored and presented as "10.97700023651120" when it is only intended to be precise to three digits to the right of the decimal.

This is a function of the storage format in STATA (the statistical package in which CSES processes its recent files) and the export method used by the project, and will be corrected in future releases.

We have added some formatting statements in the STATA syntax ("do") file to partially address this, but it will be more noticeable in other statistical packages.

Please refer to the variables section of the codebook to be informed as to what precision is appropriate for each variable with a decimal in it.