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CSES Module 3 Data Set Errata
Posted: Mar 27, 2013

Updates made to the Full Release of March 27, 2013, since the Advance Release of May 31, 2012

The Full Release of March 27, 2013 contain additions, updates, error corrections, and improvements to the third Advance Release of May 31, 2012. Please do not use files from the previous release with files from the current release. Variable names and attributes, as well as the data, have sometimes been changed.

Thirteen new election studies have been added to the file, bringing the number of election studies appearing in CSES Module 3 to 50 election studies in total. The studies added as of the March 27, 2013 Full Release are: Canada (2008), Chile (2009), Czech Republic (2010), Finland (2011), Latvia (2010), Netherlands (2010), Norway (2009), Peru (2011), Philippines (2010), Romania (2009), South Africa (2009), Turkey (2011), and the United States (2008).

Some of the changes made to election studies which appeared in previous releases are listed here, though this is not intended to be comprehensive...

Micro section improvements:

Variables newly available for a election study:

Data added back in to the dataset:

Macro section improvements:

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