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CSES Module 3 Data Set Errata
Posted: October 24, 2010

SPSS portable files

For the convenience of users, in recent years the CSES project has been providing SPSS portable (.por) files in its data releases. However, an SPSS portable file is not available in the first advance release of CSES Module 3. This is because variable names in SPSS portable files are limited to eight characters in length, and some CSES Module 3 variables names exceed that limit. Until the CSES Secretariat is able to resolve the issue, SPSS portable files will not be provided in CSES Module 3 releases.

As an alternative, we are providing a link where you may download an SPSS system file (.sav) for the first advance release of CSES Module 3. SPSS system files do not have the variable name length limitation. The file may be downloaded here:

Mar-31-2011 update: Please note that this file has been removed and is no longer available for download, as the comparable file for the second advance release of CSES Module 3 has since been made available in a later erratum.

This file was created using SPSS Version 17, and it is approximately 2MB in size.

Once you unzip and download the SPSS system file, you may read it into SPSS using the following steps:

  1. Save the file into a location of your choice and open SPSS
  2. Go to File -> Open -> Data
  3. Select file "cses3_dataset.sav" (Note: you may need to change the file type to "all files")

Please note that SPSS system (.sav) files are unlikely to be distributed in future releases of CSES, but are being provided as a temporary fix.