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CSES Module 2 Data Set Errata
Posted: June 27, 2007

Updates made to the Full Release of June 27, 2007, since the Advance Release of April 10, 2006

The CSES Module 2 data release of June 27, 2007 is the "Full Release," which means that all election studies from CSES Module 2 are now included in the file. It is possible that new versions of the dataset will be made available in the future to correct any errors in the existing file; however, no new election studies will be added.

Preparation of the CSES Module 2 Full Release included extensive review of the individual election studies, the merged cross-national dataset, and the documentation. The improvements, updates, and additions made are too numerous to list. However, a few are noted here:

  1. Ten new election studies have been added to the file, bringing the final number of election studies to 41 in total. The studies added as of the Full Release are: Albania (2005), Chile (2005), Great Britain (2005) from the British Social Attitudes survey, Italy (2006), Kyrgyzstan (2005), Peru (2006), Romania (2004), Russia (2004), Slovenia (2004), and Taiwan (2004).
  2. The codebook introduction now provides a list of election studies that included Module 2 content, but that do not appear in the Full Release. Users who are interested in obtaining these datasets are encouraged to contact the principal investigators of each study. Among the list is an Internet study of Great Britain (2005) that appeared in the April 10, 2007 advance release, but was not included in the Full Release due to its use of a non-probability sample.
  3. The codebook introduction now includes a list of collaborators, Planning Committee members, and Secretariat staff that contributed to the production of CSES Module 2. The introduction also briefly discusses the issue of elections that are considered by some to be "not free," but whose data appear in the CSES.
  4. The weights have been completed, and all derivate weights computed. An extended description of the weight variables has been provided in the codebook notes for the weight variable series, B1010-B1014. The storage formats for the weights have been reduced to four decimal places, as this allows adequate precision given the sample sizes in the dataset.
  5. The distribution files now include an SPSS Portable File, for users who prefer this method over using the provided SPSS syntax statements to read in the data.
  6. The CSES Module 2 Election Study Archive of original-language questionnaires, English-language questionnaires, Macro Reports, and Design Reports for each election study is now complete. The files can be downloaded from the CSES Module 2 page in the Data Center on the CSES website.

As a reminder, please do not use files from previous releases with files from the current release. Variable names and attributes, as well as the data, have sometimes been changed.

If you have questions or concerns, e-mail us at and we would be pleased to help.