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CSES Module 2 Data Set Errata
Posted: April 10, 2006

Updates made to the Advance Release of April 10, 2006, since the Advance Release of June 29, 2005

The fourth advance release of April 10, 2006 contain additions, updates, and improvements to the third advance release of June 10, 2006. Please do not use files from previous releases with files from the current release. Variable names and attributes, as well as the data, have sometimes been changed.

Some of the updates were as follows:

  1. Six (6) election studies have been added: Canada 2004, Great Britain 2005, Japan 2004, Netherlands 2002, Philippines 2004 and Portugal 2005.
  2. The two errata (for Sweden 2002) from the previous advance release were applied.
  3. The documentation for variables B3013 and B3014 now contains a detailed accounting of the inconsistent use of the words "big" and "any" in the question text.
  4. Three new variables were added for Denmark 2001: B3009 (Most Important Issue), B5009 (Number of Portfolios After) and B5010 (Size of the Cabinet After). Also, variable B5085 (Head of Government - Policy Authorities) was updated for Denmark 2001.
  5. In the Switzerland 2003 data, the coding for variables B2025, B5037, B5048 and B5043 was correcred in a way suggested by the collaborator.
  6. In the B3029 variable series, a few respondents mentioned the same party more than once. The duplicate mention has been removed. This affected no more than 4-5 respondents in each of the following election studies: Germany 2002 (1st), Hong Kong 2004, Korea 2004, Spain 2004, and Sweden 2002.
  7. In the Portugal 2002 study we were able to add codes for federal structure (B5094 and B5095).
  8. In variable B5025 of the United States 2004 study, and in variable B5051 of the the Germany 2002 (1st) study, we adjusted the macro codes for consistency with other data.
  9. Some non-party codes in the Israel 2003 election study were changed from valid into missing values.
  10. Missing data assignments for B3041_g, B3041_h, and B3041_i for SAS have been corrected.
  11. Variable B1003 is now formatted as a numeric variable.
  12. Many election study notes were added throughout the codebook.
  13. Various additional issues were identified and fixed for data that already appeared in past releases. We are unable to detail all such improvements here.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at and we would be glad to assist you.