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CSES Module 1: 1996-2001 Errata

Updates and error corrections.


Errata listed in this section apply to the current version of CSES Module 1, and users should consider whether to apply the items to their files.

CSES Module 1 Full Release: December 15, 2015 Version

Dec-15-2015Updates made to the Full Release of December 15, 2015, since the Full Release of August 4, 2003


These following errata have already been applied to the most recent version of the dataset, and can be ignored by users of the current version of CSES Module 1.

CSES Module 1 Full Release: August 4, 2003 Version

Oct-24-2010The CSES Technical Report titled "Electoral Turnouts Reported in Modules 1 and 2" contains errata addressing turnout discrepancies in CSES Module 1.
Oct-24-2010Great Britain (1997) - Macro Variables A5005_A-A5005_E, A5006_A-A5006_E, A5010, A5026_1, and A5027_1
Oct-24-2010Switzerland (1999) - Macro Variables A5031, A5032_1, A5032_3, A5034_1, A5034_3, A5035_1, and A5042
Jan-28-2010United States (1996) - A5005-A5008 (Percent Vote and Seats)
Aug-18-2005Denmark (1998) - A3011 (Which Party Do You Feel Closer To)
Jul-19-2005Mexico (2000) - Missing Values For A5005, A5007, and A5009
Jul-19-2005New Zealand (1996) - Data for Variable A4004_F is Incorrect
Jul-19-2005Belgium-Flanders (1999) - Election Study Note For Variables A3004-A3006 and A3009
Jul-19-2005Belgium-Flanders (1999) and Belgium-Walloon (1999) - Election Study Notes For Variables A3004-A3006
Jul-19-2005Netherlands (1998) - Election Study Notes for Variables A3004-A3006 and A3009-A3012
Jun-23-2005Spain (1996 and 2000) - Macro Report: A5051
Sep-07-2004Thailand (2001) - Replacement for Variable A2018
Sep-07-2004New Zealand (1996) - Replacement for Variable A2018
Jan-13-2003Zeroes Present in Weights
Aug-04-2003Updates made to the Full Release of August 4, 2003, since the Advance Release of July 26, 2002

CSES Module 1: July 26, 2002 Version

Aug-03-2003Israel (1996) - Replacement for Variable A2030
May-01-2003Israel (1996) - Parties for Whom Respondents Voted
May-01-2003Israel (1996) - Replacement for Appendix I: Parties and Leaders
Jan-13-2003Russia (1999) - Candidate Mentioned (A3016)
Nov-20-2002Korea (2000) - District, Party of Candidate Voted for (A2031)
Oct-01-2002STATA Data Types/Storage Formats: Data Descriptor Statements
Oct-01-2002A5003 - Expanded Definition for Code 11: Codebook
Oct-01-2002Peru (2000) - 'Parties and Leaders' Code Definitions Missing: Codebook
Oct-01-2002Mexico (2000) - 'Parties and Leaders' Code Definitions Missing: Codebook
Oct-01-2002Australia (1996) - District Level Returns Flipped: Datafile
Oct-01-2002Belgium-Flanders (1999) - Multiple Corrections: Datafile
Aug-02-2002Code Value Labels: A1006
Aug-02-2002Inconsistent Missing Data Coding in Datafile: A2029-A2032
Aug-02-2002Mexico (1997) Vote Choice in Wrong Variable: Datafile: A2030-A2031
Aug-02-2002Canada (1997) One Inconsistent Vote Choice Response: Datafile: A2031
Aug-02-2002Israel (1996) Vote Choice: Datafile: A2028
Aug-02-2002Coding of Non-Voters in Vote Choice Variables: Datafile: A2028