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CSES Module 1 Data Set Errata
Posted: August 3, 2003

Israel (1996) - Replacement for Variable A2030

We have been made aware that variable A2030 still requires some corrections in the Israel (1996) portion of the dataset.

This errata replaces prior errata "Israel (1996) - Parties for Whom Respondents Voted", which also sought to correct A2030 for Israel. Prior errata "Israel (1996) - Replacement for Appendix I: Parties and Leaders" is still valid, and consistent with the corrections below.

We are providing for download below a data file that can be used to replace variable A2030 for all Israel (1996) records, and in doing so make the necessary corrections. Three variables are present in the tab-delimited file, which contains only the 1,091 records from the Israel (1996) election study data:

Variables A1003 and A1009 are for purposes of merging the file. You should overwrite your existing Israel (1996) data for variable A2030 with the new data we are providing.

The datafile containing the corrected A2030 data can be downloaded here: ISR_A2030.txt.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at and we would be glad to assist you.