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Election Study Links

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Occasionally the CSES Secretariat receives a request for the full, original election study dataset from specific countries. We are unable to fulfill these requests because our agreement with our collaborators is that we can distribute only the part of their dataset that was specifically intended for CSES.

However, for your convenience, we have assembled below a list of links for some of the election studies that have appeared in CSES releases. This is not intended to be a comprehensive list. Some sites may require registration, a fee, or membership to access the files.

The date that information for each election study was last updated is shown in red. If an election study is not listed it is either not available on the Internet, we are not aware of the Internet location where it is available, or we have not had the time to search for it yet.

If you have corrections for the list, if you find an outdated link, or if you know of links that are missing, please email us at Thank you!

CSES Module 1 (1996-2001)

CSES Module 2 (2001-2006)