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Call for Proposals: Assessing the Performance of Electoral Democracy
Special Issue Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of CSES
October 18, 2018

As one of the activities commemorating the 25th anniversary of CSES (, the project is launching a call for proposals for a special issue on "Assessing the Performance of Electoral Democracy". CSES provides a unique opportunity to analyze how electoral democracy works across space and time, covering over 50 countries for more than two decades. The special issue will be devoted to analyzing different aspects of elections and democracy, preferably with a comparative and longitudinal perspective, and make extensive use of the CSES data.

We welcome proposals for papers that ascertain the performance of electoral democracy from a variety of perspectives, including the following dimensions:

Proposals may analyze any of these dimensions, focusing on their cross-national variation, their evolution across time, their causes (including contextual and macro variables included in the CSES datasets), and their consequences for other aspects of the political system and the democratic process.

Proposals should be about 300 words long and be sent no later than December 31, 2018 to:

The decision as to which journal(s) to approach to publish the special issue will be determined based on the collection of proposed articles that are received.


Call for proposals closesDecember 31, 2018
Decision on accepted proposalsJanuary 31, 2019
First drafts of articlesMay 31, 2019
Final version of articles dueDecember 31, 2019